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Now Semi-Friends Only!

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-must comment occasionally on my journal

The Easiest Multi-Fandom Friending Meme You Will Ever Fill Out

(for commenting help fill this meme out XD)

I'm doing this because it's nice to be able to separate my graphic/story entries from my personal entries. If you wanna know what's been going on in my day or life, feel free to friend me so you can see those posts. Please comment first though, so I can add you too.

I'm thinking I'll immediately start putting the majority of posts friends only, selected ones will be up for two weeks before going private. Graphic posts will be up forever for anyone of course.


(my friending meme thread)

olly murs

3 Gif Tutorials for Photoshop CS6

#1 - Basic Gif Making in CS6 (Optimized for Tumblr)

as well as the "fade" effect

Program: Photoshop CS6
Translatable? Yes, however the purpose of this tutorial is to teach with the new CS6 interface.
Difficulty: Easy/Medium (making any type of gifs can get very frustrating)

here @ nevershouticons

#2 - Motion Transition Gifs

Now I'm going to show you how to make gifs/icons like this:

Program: Photoshop CS6
Difficulty: Hard at first, medium/easy once you get the hang of it.
Requirements: Previous knowledge of gif making.
Translatable? Yes

here @ nevershouticons

#3 - Pixel Transition Gifs/Icons

Program: Photoshop CS6
Difficulty: Medium/easy
Requirements: Previous knowledge of gif making.
Translatable? Yes

here @ [Bad username: nevershouticons"]
prison break

Using Gradient Maps to Color Icons Tutorial (ft. Pretty Little Liars)

How to go from to or
using gradient maps, fill layers, and textures in The GIMP (and Photoshop I believe).

Difficulty: Easy
Translatable: Yes, as long as you have gradient maps, but there's no selective color.
psd?: YES!
Other examples:

here at nevershouticons
jack frost

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So I didn't want to have to, but it looks like I am going to have to start putting HUGE visible tags on my edits/graphics. Blame people who REPOST not REBLOG FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE without even giving me credit or linking to my original. Yeah, sorry guys, I think it looks tacky, but now I have to.